CPD modules

A wide range of CPD modules designed to develop practitioners and leaders in English in a selection of contexts, commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation. You will find three links per theme exhibited below and can explore further modules by clicking on each subtitle. 

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Digital approaches

CPD Module 13 Using ICT to support English and maths

CPD Module 6 Blended learning approaches

Embedding and developing

CPD Strategy Regent College, Leicester - Embedding English, ESOL and maths through active learning

CPD Module 15 An introduction to teaching English and maths together

OTLA case study of an operational project on embedding literacy into performing arts courses led by Clean Break

Personal English Skills

inTuition English Supplement & Poster: Exploring developments in English education and training

CPD Module 7a Developing the personal literacy & language skills of teachers and assessors pack

Teaching, learning and assessment

CPD Module 17 Supporting dyslexic learners in different contexts

CPD Module 9 Target setting for functional skills

CPD Modules [Level 5] for teachers of maths and English GCSE resits

CPD Resources Brooklands College-Home grown functional skills 'Top Tips' training

CPD Module Improving initial and diagnostic assessment for functional skills

Online Module Maths and English Assessment and Tracking

Working with employers

CPD Module 1a Employers-Introducing Functional Skills

CPD Module 2 Mind the gap: Employers - identifying skills gaps