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Resources for managers

This exhibition site is currently being updated. The revised and updated site will be live in March, 2019. 

Maths and English Good Practice Guide

A maths and English Good Practice Guide has been launched by West Suffolk College following two very successful conferences focussing on leadership in those subjects.

Delegates from across the country, who wanted to share the college’s strategy for GCSE resit success, contributed to the guide which is now available on a new maths and English website:

CPD modules [level 5] for teachers of maths and English GCSE resits

These packages have been developed by the Foundation to provide training programmes which providers can run themselves to support teachers to deliver GCSE resit programmes in maths/English. These two packages, maths and English, each consist of an overall programme document including Scheme of Work, 10 session plans including Powerpoints and all resources, and a rationale to explain the general thinking behind the sessions.

A series of stacked work files

Strategic Guide Case Studies

These case studies from five FE colleges outline different aspects of effective practice to improve provision for Englsih and maths.  These are part of the Strategic Guide for the delivery of GCSE English and maths to the 16-19 year old cohort.  See also The Strategic Guide and The Health Check.

Health Check Tool for English and maths

This Health Check Tool will help organisations improve provision for English and maths. It forms part of the Strategic Guide for the delivery of GCSE English and maths to the 16-19 cohort. See also The Strategic Guide and The Case Studies .

A Strategic Guide for the delivery of GCSE English and maths to the 16-19 cohort

This Strategic Guide will help education providers to implement a strategic approach to delivering GCSE English and maths across their organisation.  See also The Case Studies and The Health Check

Leading GCSE mathematics and English for post-16 learners

This website, developed with funding from the Education and Training Foundation, provides a variety of information, guidance and resources for senior leaders and governors to help increase the GCSE English and mathematics capacity in the post-16 sector. 

Adult learners reviewing a textbook & studying together

Using the self assessment process to improve the quality of English and maths provision

The aim of this module is to support managers with the development of the self-assessment report (SAR); and to consider how to use the SAR as a monitoring and quality assurance/improvement tool

Although primarily aimed at practitioners (teachers, trainers, assessors), both English and maths and vocational it will also be of interest to senior staff with whole organisation responsibility for English and maths/functional skills; curriculum managers; quality and HR managers.

Preparation for inspection with an English and maths focus

The aim of the CPD module is to support teachers, trainers, assessors with the requirements of the Common Inspection Framework and the inspection process (as revised in June 2012) in relation to the teaching of English and maths.


Professional Development Planning Starter Kit

This range of resources, will help you plan professional development for your staff in literacy, language (ESOL) and numeracy (LLN).

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Whole organisation approach starter kit

This resource offers guidance to providers and identifies the relevant starter kits to support different aspects of a whole organisation approach. You can work through the WOA framework, begin with any section of it, or go straight to the individual starter kits.