Digital approaches

Here you will find some example resources which have enabled practitioners to successfully use digital tools and approaches to improve the delivery of English in the Further Education and Training sector. You may also find the Research Exhibition Site useful. It has a specific area showcasing practitioner-led research projects investigating digital approaches in education and training.

If you are interested in developing your digital skills in teaching and learning, the Education and Training Foundation have recently launched a range of courses to support with this important skill in the Further Education and Training sector. These can be found here

Digital approaches in maths and English

Digital Approaches to Maths and English Teaching

How can English tutors develop strategies to engage adult entry level learners, and view information technology as a positive and effective way to develop their skills?

Developing an Interactive Virtual Learning Environment to Support ESOL Learners Researcher’s name

Virtually Written: exploring the efficacy of Google tools for promoting collaboration and language

The impact of using online resources on apprentices’ Functional Skills achievement.